Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For My Love

Trying to paint the world so you can see it how I see it,

Trying to shade in the atmosphere so you can feel it like I feel it,

Trying to color in the missing parts so there's no hole in our hearts,

My love for you however is more than a canvas for art,

Most people hide there feelings because there embarrassed or afraid,

I'm not afraid of telling you I love you more afraid that it will drive you away,

Because I know you are shy and so am I,

but I have the courage to say it because I love you deeply,

Even the simplest things or thoughts are now the most beautiful to me,

I think about the first time I get to hold your hand or stand next to you,

The First walk with you and the First face to face talk with you,

The first kiss under the blazing sun or sheltering moon and night sky,

The first time I play In your hair hug you close and stare at your beautiful face eye to eye,

Even though I'm a strong and a brave guy,

All of these thoughts make me want to cry,

There so beautiful and I just want you to see what I see,

Unlike others I can't read you like a book so besides what you tell me your a mystery,

But i love not knowing what your going to say next or do,

I love not knowing when your going to first say to me I really love you,

Sometimes you make me speechless and I don't know why,

I don't know why sometimes I message you so much or less but I don't want to lose you in general or to another guy,

So I feel the need to say it or risk it all in case I loose it all,

Although I never want to lose you ever,

I want to hold or be held in your arms and experience this love and feeling forever

Thursday, August 8, 2013

When Jun Smiles

What does it take for you to laugh,
I'd do anything for you so never cease to ask,
Because you never cease to amaze me,
Just knowing your stressed tends to phase me,
If I could I would take that stress you bare for myself,
Even if you never knew it was due to myself,
Just to see you smile again is a reward in itself,
When your happy the world I know is beautiful,
When you feel down its far from the beauty I've come to know,
So tell me what does it take to make you forever happy,
Is it hanging out with family and friends you see everyday or haven't seen in awhile,
Is it working through a hard problem because its just worthwhile,
Is it making others feel beautiful and feel like they can endure any trial,
Is it simply wanting to bare witness to your, my or another's smile,
Is it playing around with illustrator while listening to Tegan and Sara,
Is it making touch up's on your doodles with an artists forgotten mascara,
All questions and humor aside I never want to see you down or cry,
Only if its needed or from a video which you can't help even if you tried,
Because your just special in such a remarkable way,
All of your emotions you express make me feel a certain way,
Yet when your down it makes me want to know you more,
So when your down again I can know what to bring ashore,
In a treasure chest in my mind and heart dedicated to you,
In all reality everything I wrote or drew lately has something to do with you,
Because regardless of where you are and even if its night you brighten my day,
Even though were miles away your the first person I want to say,
Hi to in the morning or sweet dreams in the night,
And everything in between just to see you smile on sight,
Like a snapshot I barely know you but your important to me and I hope you'd agree,
So smile like you've never smiled before,
Not only because of something I drew or wrote but due to something that made you happy before,
If you smile at my attempts that's just a plus or something more,
Such an awkward way to end this but so am I and each poem I write must have a finish,
However I never want to finish getting to know you because like I said before there's something about you,
I hope I made you smile through my cheesy words,
If not allow me to try through my cheesy verbs,
And show you just how beautiful you are when your happy and when you smile and like a crooked numeral dial,
Always know you can lean, count and call on me,
Through Whatever endeavors,
Whenever, Where ever, However, Forever, regardless of Whatsoever
Sincerly from me to you

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Artist and The Muse

From Giotto to Michelangelo, Rafael and Van Gogh,
Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Dali and Picasso,
Botticelli, Pollock, Velasquez, Vermeer and Monet,
To Renoir, Rubens, Kadinsky, Klimt, Warhol and Manet,
There's no great painter I wouldn't emulate,
Just to paint your many ways and embrace your lovely face,
Just to be near you for the simple chase,
Even if it took all the hours in my life for this wet love to dry,
It would be priceless and worth every every risk like playing Russian roulette with a die,
Each brush stroke would define this devine,
Feeling from the depths or simply my heart,
Your more than a muse you are my art,
As well as my spark in the dark,
Yet I've always been more of a writer than an artist but is it any less of an art,
Can I paint something out like the Dutch Mona Lisa and make something jump start,
Through words alone as I guide them down the highway of how I feel,
Or will my attempts crash and burn and I'll be just an icon on its highlight reel,
I want more out of this like someone searching for a new color,
But what if my emotions canvas every single color,
Are my feelings only dismal and black,
I know there's more to this and that's a fact,
Yet why do I feel even when I color your world its only in white and black,
Allow me to paint your world or at least draw me in it,
Retracing me into the very image of ideal guy because rethinking every word I really meant it,
All so allow me to write, paint or draw you,
And if all that fails at least let me fall for you


All I see is happiness and all I want is happiness,
But all around around me is misery and all I have is misery,
It cuts me deep maybe deeper than my soul or to my heart made of coal,
Waiting for a flame to ignite but I walk on burning the bottom of my soles,
Searching for her to save me even though I already know her,
Lost in the moment of hitchhiking to her heart rethinking all I could've told her,
Listening to strangers on this ride demonstrating through gestures all I could've showed her,
I talk like im gifting her to the past tense but maybe the present isn't,
I'm searching for answers between the lines or bars she said or wrote so my minds a prison,
Hoping that there's still a chance I can escape and fly away at least for a day,
Take the real her instead of the memories of her on a simple date,
I wished my words and actions aligned with dreams for fate,
So she could see what I see even if she didn't feel like I feel,
Never pressure her or the situation because both are already diamonds encrusted in steel,
There's a shell protecting her from the corrupt,
Making me wonder if I'm even good enough,
Though I may like or love her without her open hand I'm just a foolish man,
To think I even have a chance but there's something about her that makes me take a stand,
Not necessarily to fight for her love, heart or friendship,
But to allow her to sail away on the feelings of just maybe to those things on my hearts ship,
I could feel this way about her forever because she's so timeless,
Do I want her yes,
Do I love her I don't know,
Do I like her well you could guess,
Does she have any interest in me is something I can only hope,
I can question myself until the end of time,
Because she stole my heart as a friend or something more and its a complex crime,
Because if she asked I would give her my heart on a platter,
With my last words I simply would let my teeth chatter,
In Morse code so a classic beauty like her laughs over the sorrow but only knows,
Even though she can have anyone in the world I'm the only one who needed to know,
What makes her smile like a shooting star,
What makes her cry so I never go that far,
What makes her world complete,
What makes her simply want to speak,
What makes the color happen for her art,
What is the code to the safe of her heart,
And simply do you believe in me because I believe in you,
Truth be told all I am is emptiness without someone like you,
And you don't have to love or like me and never force yourself to try,
I feel like you can fall so easily, naturally and comfortably in love with I,

Sunday, August 4, 2013


How can I make a poem stand out like the sun from the rest,
How can I make a poem swim up from the abyss to impress,
I'm sure you've read poems that moved your heart from its chest,
I'm sure you've seen works of art that makes my attempts,
Seem like child's play or the simplicity of recess,
Even some of my other poems may seem like more,
but its just like an allure or deep forgotten love like Eleanor,
To me you are more than someone in a location I desire to go,
Regardless of location your someone I desire to know,
From likes to dislikes to the simple things we fear,
From deep conversations about life or simple things or routines that seem cosmetic like veneers,
Your more special than time itself,
Priceless more than wealth itself,
Even though I don't know you I feel like I have the potential to know you more than myself,
It sounds odd but seems less odd when one wants to know less of oneself,
And more of the world and small to grand adventures before there eyes,
Just the attempt to get to know you I could care less if it takes a million tries,
I just want to make a dent in your heart like someone wants to do in the world,
Just to be famous, infamous or to be known but I just want to be known at least by one girl,
Which is you because there's simply something about you,
That draws me in like were opposite people and magnets and makes it impossible to lie to you,
Though we have a lot in common in truth there's more to you,
Helen of troy with your looks which are very beautiful as well as historic indeed,
Yet to come close to you feel like I must do a million meteoric good deeds,
Not that I'm evil because even though at times I may seem like a demon I'm far from it,
Your like that light in the dark that resembles the red moon only seen from a hearts summit,
Your personality is something that I've never encountered before,
Something refreshing and it hits me to my core
Distant places, different phases, different faces but none compare to you,
I'd probably have to travel in space just to get a fair view,
Like Mona Lisa with a backdrop of Jackson Pollocks No. 5 with immense hue,
Getting to know you and once knowing you is like a cherry blossom tree,
Ill never stop knowing you even when something changes seasonally,
I want to say more but I feel that would take an eternity,
But I'd be willing to tell you more even if it took an infinity,
yet I'll be happy and I'll smile if you knew just one fourths of me,
And I think I'd know I'd make you smile like I rarely smile just thinking of the serenity

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kia Ora

I call you my love and I call you my Queen,
Funny thing is that your also everything in between,
Your everything in reality but your even more surreal in my dreams,
I saw a glimpse of you through a screen yet I felt I could touch you,
More than sexually even deeper I thought I could love you,
The feeling only changes when you speak and smile,
I only fall deeper and deeper and I start to realize I'll be there for awhile,
Your more than a face your a place to call home,
Sad thing is I don't have even have your phone,
Number because the number of miles between us is great,
I love you internationally through my dreams and even if you never loved me back I'd still accept my fate,
Foolish thoughts and sayings from a man who doesn't believe in love even though he sees love,
As clear as the wind, blue as the ocean as well the sky and darker yet brighter than everything above,
Brighter than the sun yet knowing you is darker than moon my love,
Your like a toy and I'm the kid owner and I want you only to myself,
Yet your already taken and I want to steal you and your love for myself,
Its weak of me but you weaken me simply when you speak,
Then when I look at you its just an instant defeat,
Though its more than your beauty I love your mind and your heart,
Combine all three and its easy to see why you are the muse of this and my art,
I want you drunk off my love like wine but unlike wines your ageless,
I color you grey while others I place in color because your timeless,
I could consider even having a couple ankle biters with you,
Growing old sitting on a porch enjoying biscuits with you,
Its forward of me to say yet so forward of you to make me fall for every little thing you do,
I'd love to see you blow me down sexually, mentally even physically too,
Simple surprises or change of face or pace is like a gift from you,
Its hard for me to express how much I want you,
I thought of rain but you make me sweat because I'm nervous simply thinking of you,
Wondering if its even possible for you to love me,
Like I love you which is tried and true,
This feelings permanent like a vivid because its vivid how you make me feel livid,
Your aura's rare yet to me its even more like someone with that first name,
Which makes me think about your first crush, your first cut emotionally and physically making up your first pain,
If my dreams become reality you'll have my last name,
Maybe its a joke or a feeling that's over exeposed like a photo,
However I hope you figure out there's more though,
Than these lines lined up like a drug but you know though,
I compliment you awkwardly so in a way you can see all of me,
Want a better picture well the closest actor to me is Michael ceras personality,
No joke
I end it here my love or Borealis science named Aurora,
Greenstones in the sky resemble my love but how can I say I love you more than saying Kia Ora

Space, Moon and the Ocean

Simple admiration through a video,
Type of personality that sinks into your soul,
Deep down its not intimate yet I want to know,
Things about you so I can figure out your hi and your lows,
Tuning our conversations for the perfect pitch like its only audio,
Never speaking on topics that synchronize to your woes,
Swimming through an abyss of crows,
A dark cloud that overlooks a concrete in the rose,
Not saying your imperfect because you far from it,
Not saying your the darkness more like your the star in it,
Your life is the perfect movie and only you should star in it,
Regardless of what I say though I feel you'll take offense to it,
Not due to you but my mind and heart aren't congruent,
So everything sounds just foolish, colored in a blue gradient,
Fading me when,
I'm expressing simple things or asking you how your day went,
Because I'm trying not to sound eager,
Yet I never learn lessons the first try so I leave it to beaver,
To chop away at the wood,
to carve conversations that seem good,
Like a mirror I want to know your reflection,
Not in a perverse way but so I can study imperfection contrasted with perfection,
The first being I second being you,
I could tell you a million compliments that held truth,
Not saying your fishing for compliments just saying I want to know you,
You caught me off guard like a fish out of water and I just want to show you,
Being in your atmosphere leaves me short of air,
But when you talk to me it leaves me without care,
Well not really completely but close to it,
Just being honest yet I feel this won't work like this situations a recently closed door and I walked into it,